So I made an Instagram for this tumblr, I’ll try to link it up so it doesn’t seem like I’m never active. I’ll probably start following similar things back on IG.
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homicide victim with 17 stab wounds

why did this post get so much attention last night wtf?



A donor heart beating in a mechanical system which keeps it warm, oxygenated, with nutrient enriched blood pumping through.

sorry followers if I creeped anyone out but I had to reblog this, it’s so cool

it’s so fascinating I love it

Happy Valentines Day :)

Gloves made of human skin.

I was not codding dear old Boss when I gave you the tip, you’ll hear about Saucy Jacky’s work tomorrow double event this time number one squealed a bit couldn’t finish straight off. Had not got time to get ears off for police thanks for keeping last letter back till I got to work again.
Jack the Ripper
Sharon Tate and Vic Sebring.